Dropbox is a file storage platform, that has been gaining a lot in popularity recently as it allows you to access any content located on its servers from any device so long as their software is installed. The data is synchronized between all units, which means you will be able to access it anytime. Dropbox does not offer Internet hosting services, therefore if you upload an html file it shall not show up as a site and shall not be executed. This service is used exclusively for storing data and we've taken advantage of the fact that they supply an API to third-party companies to create a backup service on our end, that you can use if you host your sites on our servers. With this extra function you won't need toworry about your content as you'll always have a copy of your Internet sites on the Dropbox servers and on your PC in case that something happens - a script update going wrong, deleting files by mistake, and so on.

Dropbox Backups in Shared Web Hosting

You could use Dropbox for backups whatever the shared web hosting package that you select when you sign up and the feature will be available in the Hepsia Control Panel supplied with all accounts. Linking one or even many Dropbox accounts takes only a couple of mouse clicks and once the connection with our system is set up, you'll be able to choose if all your info will be backed up there or just particular sites and databases. This is determined by the size of the content which you have on our end and how much space you have in your Dropbox account. The number of backups that you may have ranges from three to 14 and our system shall generate a new one each day, so you can have a copy of your information for up to 2 weeks back and you'll be able to access them on your laptop or computer as conventional folders and files. You could change the websites or the number of backups anytime. This functionality is an excellent addition to the backups which we'll keep of your entire content four times daily. If you no longer want your Dropbox account to be linked to our system, you could remove it with a click inside your CP.