Probably the best way to discover how a certain operation is carried out is to watch a video clip where some other person reveals the exact actions you have to execute. Especially if you open a new hosting account without having used this kind of service so far, or if you’ve used a web hosting platform with another account administration tool and aren’t used to the way in which accounts are administerd on the new one. An educational video clip can show you the simplest and speediest way to carry out a given task inside your web hosting account, saving you the trouble of going through various options until you find the one that you indeed need, or of reading lengthy help articles, which can at times be ambiguous as to where you should go and what you should click.

Video Tutorials in Shared Web Hosting

All our shared web hosting packages include an in-house developed Control Panel, which is a stunningly intuitive and easy to work with, which goes to say that you will not have any difficulty doing anything you like. However, we've prepared a comprehensive video repository that contains a ton of tutorial movies dedicated to each and every Control Panel section and the functions that are accessible through it. If you want to find out how to set up a new database or to choose a different PHP version for your account, for example, you can check the exact steps you have to follow. We have gone even further – we’ve compiled a number of tutorial videos too in order to offer you an idea as to what access and error log files are, or what CPU load is, for example. You can browse all the available videos whenever you wish, or you can view only the ones that are related to a certain section of the Control Panel.