The quality of the web hosting service which you receive for your sites is dependent not only on the characteristics that a particular plan has, but also on the hardware your web applications run on. Increased CPU speeds, for instance, indicate that the processes running on the hosting server will be performed more quickly, while more physical memory (RAM) indicates that even more processes can run concurrently. The grade of the hardware can also impact the overall performance and reliability of the server. Since the Internet hosting service today features not just file storage, but also databases, emails, logs, etc, more processing power is necessary to run all of the system processes and to make sure that they work correctly and without lag. In the event that the hardware is not powerful enough, the result will be slow websites or even service timeouts as the machine may not be able to manage all requests to the Internet sites hosted on it.

24-core servers, hardware in Shared Web Hosting

The servers that we use for our shared web hosting plans are powerful enough to provide the ultimate performance of your Internet sites and if you are moving from some other company, you will quickly feel the difference. Not only is our system comprised of clusters of servers which manage each and every part of the hosting service (files, emails, databases, logs, etc.), but each cluster consists of powerful machines, each one with 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM and NVMe drives. Our hardware stands behind our service and performance warranties and regardless of the apps you wish to run, you will not notice any decrease in their performance. The web hosting service takes advantage of the power of all machines and since we can add servers to each cluster, we practically have a web hosting powerhouse with limitless resources. As your Internet sites will be hosted on this platform, the hardware will never be a limit for their growth.

24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The dedicated servers that we offer have different hardware setups so as to provide you with a choice to get the most appropriate one with regards to the system resources you need and the funds you have, but each of them is really powerful and will give you top-notch performance for any kind of site. Depending on what you want to run, you will be able to employ as many as 12 CPU cores with over 24 GHz processing speed along with as much as 16 GB of physical memory exclusively for your web applications. All components which we use for the servers are tested thoroughly both before and after the machine is assembled to ensure that there's no faulty hardware. In case any kind of issue occurs however, the support crew which is available 24/7 in our US datacenter can substitute any component and recover the adequate functioning of your server within no more than a couple of minutes.