An email alias is an email address which uses the same mailbox along with the original email address. For example, you could have as the original e-mail address and add an alias The two addresses can share the very same mailbox, so emails sent to either one of them will be received in a single place. Feel free to use aliases for a number of needs, like getting in touch with various teams of people or signing up on websites. For those who begin to get a lot of spam, for instance, you can simply erase the alias whilst your actual mailbox will not be impacted in the least and you will maintain the communication you need. Aliases are often perceived as an alternative to forwarding messages from one mailbox to a different one if you use several addresses for contact on your website.

E-mail Aliases in Shared Web Hosting

Setting up an alias for every email address is really easy if you have a shared web hosting package from our company. This can be done in the Emails part of the Hepsia Control Panel, used to control the hosting accounts and it will take only a few mouse clicks. You are able to add or remove many aliases whenever you want and save precious time whenever you manage the emails for a number of emails that you use - for instance, various divisions in a company or different parts of a site. If you get emails from many email addresses in one email address, but different people should have a duplicate of certain messages, you can combine the aliases with e mail forwarding and/or e-mail filters, which can be set up with Hepsia.